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Created this year, the cryptocurrency exchange CODEX immediately attracted the attention of many active players in the market, thanks to the stunning set of features provided. After the launch in November 2018, it is only gaining momentum, to date, more than 2,500 users have been registered on the exchange, and this is given the young age of the platform.

The developers of crypto-exchange are a team of professionals from Attic Lab, one of the block producers of EOS, who felt the obvious lack of a platform that would have a balance of safe storage of assets, a minimum fee for use and a simple interface. Thanks to a common idea, the CODEX team found a goal — to help the community perform daily operations in the easiest way possible

Safety first
CODEX is an officially licensed cryptocurrency exchange with top-class security levels. By using the EdDSA API digital signature scheme, only the public key is stored in the system, making the CODEX as secure as possible. You can safely generate your key pair in the browser when you create the API key or upload your public key. 2FA allows the user not to worry about password leakage. Moreover, for additional security, the platform is equipped with anti-fraud system that allows to immediately detect suspicious activity and prevent any malicious actions. Step to trading cryptocurrencies with Commission close to zero

Since the CODEX platform was created by a group of enthusiasts with direct experience in trading cryptocurrencies, all the requirements of modern traders were taken into account in the development, and one of the main factors in the formation of the exchange ecosystem was to minimize the Commission. First of all, it should be noted that deposits on the exchanger are made absolutely free of charge. The percentage for the order or its maker\taker does not exceed 0.1% during the first 12 months, and can be reduced to 0.05% when paying with the CODEX — CDX token. Thus, you can store, buy or sell cryptocurrency without losing profits. This is a rare example of a modern exchange for stable and profitable cryptocurrency trading

The design is nice and not overloaded, the platform has an intuitive interface.Codex One uses a special mechanism to protect API keys — the EdDSA system allows you to store only a public key on the exchange servers, and only the user has a private key, which significantly increases the security of API use and prevents users from losing keys in the event of a possible hacking of the exchange.

The assets of users on the exchange CODEX One are well protected — only 1–5 % of the assets are stored in hot wallets, and everything else — on the cold, which guarantees the protection of your funds even in case of hacking the exchange.

CODEX One has its own CDX token, which, unlike other exchanges, is used not only to reduce fees when making transfers on the platform.
In CDX tokens, users can receive partner rewards (up to 40%) for users invited to the exchange, as well as participate in the loyalty program.

CODEX One has the lowest commissions — only 0.05%, it is as much as 20 times less than binance.

Thanks to the developed system of bonuses, affiliate programs and active development of its own cryptocurrency, Codex exchange has all the chances to become a leader in the modern market, focusing primarily on the needs of users, providing a convenient and customizable interface, excellent customer support 24/7 and constantly growing portfolio of the most popular cryptocurrencies for trading. In General, the exchange is good, no problems and bugs in its work I found. For more detailed information, please follow the links below.

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